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Friday, May 20, 2016

Frantic - Conception (1970 us, exciting hard blues psych rock, 2007 digi pak issue)

Formed in 1965 and originally known as The Frantics (note the plural), this six piece bounced all over the country. Leaving Montana, the mid-1960s found them alternately calling Santa Fe, New Mexico, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Los Angeles, California their home.

A mid-1960s single for the small Sunco label ("Route 66" b/w "La Do Da Da") vanished without a trace and by 1971 the band found themselves poised for the big time having signed to the newly formed Ampex-affiliated Lizard label. Produced by Stan Farber, "Conception" offered up a rather conventional set of guitar rock.

Among the highlights were their molasses  cover of 'Hey Joe', 'More of a Man' (reflecting a touch of psychedelic guitar) and the guitar-propelled 'Her and Her Mountain'.  Elsewhere the dayglo gatefold sleeve was certainly cool.

1. Baby (Mort Shuman, Cllve Westlake) - 3:13
2. Wicked Woman (Max Byfuglin, Kim Sherman) - 3:17
3. Scitnarf (Max Byfuglin) - 1:56
4. Hey Joe (William Moses "Billy" Roberts) - 5:15
5. More Of A Man (Fergus) - 3:49
6. Little Girl (Van Morrison) - 2:59
7. Shady Sam (Max Byfuglin) - 3:45
8. Her And Her Mountain (Kim Sherman, Dennis Devlin) - 2:37
9. Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson) - 4:00
10.Midnight to Six Man (Dick Taylor, Phil May) - 4:05

The Frantic
*Kim Sherman - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Max Byfuglin - Lead Vocals
*Dennis Devlin - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
*David Day - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Jim Haas - Keyboards, Vocals I
*Phil (Gordo Head) - Drums

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